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I kind of really want a Power Rangers daemon fic, based after The Movie (Phaedos & switching of powers). The six daemons all settle as their spirit animals - and now how in the world do they keep their identities a secret?

(I imagine Adam just tucks his frog away, he's never been showy about his daemon before so no one thinks anything of not seeing her anymore. Billy might be able to get away with saying 'husky' instead of wolf. Rocky & Aisha would have issues trying to hide a bear & an ape. And the two birds might need to swap humans in public to fake changing.)
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Family story

My Pop (paternal grandfather) was a butcher. With all the bending over and such he got a bad back - to fix it he'd hang off a beam above his head, and get my dad's older brothers to hang off one of his legs each to kinda pull himself back into alignment.
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My (deceased) Uncle Ross held the record for most cuts in a day at Yeronga High School ('cuts' was the word Dad used interchangeably with 'cane') - 17, in five visits to the principal.

I've not been updating LJ with anything of note, so you're just going to get random stories, I think. Things I want to remember.
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It's weekend time, ladies and gents. Planning to wash the car and do the oil & water & pressure checks. Whether I get those done or not is up to my procrastination.

My brother R comes back from England on Tuesday. Two years, almost to the day, since he went over. Going to be a bit of a weird thing having him around again - my other, oldest brother moved out from downstairs a few months ago but left a whole bunch of stuff down there, and knowing R's return date put a bit of a hasten on getting some of that moved out.

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Hoping to break my writing drought.

Signed up for the Power Rangers Femslash ficathon here and here and did a stupid thing - read through everyone's prompts before I'd been assigned one.

Plotbunnies bit like you would never believe.

Juggling ideas about Aisha/Kim angst and Z/Syd comedy. And both are trying to steer directly through PWP territory. RAWG.

Very glad I've still got a month to work one of those into a decent present for someone.
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So, each year around this time the east coast states of Australia start to get a little worked up at each other, because it's State of Origin time.

It's the most rivalry-tastic set of games Australians watch, and it's often cited as higher than international competitions. Basically, Queenslanders (the Maroons) versus New South Welshmen (the Blues), in a rugby league best-of-three each year. This is the Livejournal of a proud Queenslander.

Queenslanders has won five series in a row ('06-'10) and we're going for the sixth this year. They announced the Blues team last week sometime, and the Queensland team got leaked shortly before it was announced earlier this week. Where it gets kinda awesome is that at the media party to announce the Qld team they must have played entrance music, for lack of a better term, for each player.

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I'm also working on a Power Rangers fic regarding Kat watching State of Origin in a fit of homesickness. It's going to disregard time frames entirely (fairly sure I'll either work it with last year's games or this year's, and it's before Zeo). No one besides me will read it/get it, but oh well.

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I've been watching the first number of Ninja Storm episodes tonight. And it strikes me:

Blake is a lot stronger in a fight than Hunter.

I don't know if this theory is around fandom or not, but it's just coming across like that so clearly in their introduction & return episodes. Blake takes on all three Wind Rangers to a draw (Thunder Strangers), solid win against Tori & Dustin (Return of Thunder Part 2) and gets the best of Shane one-on-one (Return of Thunder Pt1), while Hunter fairly narrowly defeats Tori & Dustin (Return of Thunder Pt1) and draws against Shane consistently (Return of Thunder Pt2, Boxing Bop-A-Roo). The few times they go against each other and Hunter wins looks pretty down to outside forces (whatever the phlebotinum was in Return of Thunder).

Having said all that, it's v. awesome to think of the Thunder Rangers in that dynamic. Hunter is unquestionably the leader of the two of them, despite Blake's talent. Whether that's down to him being older (is that official? I can't remember) which I buy, or something in their backstory un-elaborated-upon. It's about as spiffy as the Jungle Fury version with Casey being the leader without the experience, and the Wild Force version having Alyssa able to wipe the floor with everyone else.

Anyway. Evil!Hunter gives me fuzzies in my panties.
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Miss me?

Well, howdy.

I haven't posted in over twelve months. Feel I should restart this. I have been reading frequently & commenting sporadically, but it slowly became 'why haven't I posted for so long? Gonna seem weird if I do it now' cycle of never updating. Figure I'll stop doing that and maybe actually use this thing here.

Last time I updated I had just been in a car accident of reasonable seriousness - no one was hurt, but my car got written off entirely. Some quite horrible adult-type stuff happened, it's all done now, and it's hopefully in the past. I suppose it'll be chalked up to experience and being one of those adult-type situations that life throws at you, but I'm done with it and don't wish to revisit it.

Last August I got a coastal carpet python. Sex is undetermined, license for it was gained, and some small issues with feeding it have now well and truly been resolved - he's eating like a champion. He eats weekly velvet rats at the moment, getting an extra pinkie rat every fortnight. Weighs about 100grams (3 ounces? I think?) and is about 80 centimetres long (two an a half feet?). Hatched in February'10.

A few weeks before Christmas we made the decision to put our dog Bundy to sleep. He had been rescued from the RSPCA in '97, and he'd been about two years old then, so he got to a hell of an age for being a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross Boxer (both average lifespans 10 years).

He must have been abused as a puppy. He wouldn't even approach us for the first few weeks, and took years to stop backing away from strangers. Bundy was never overly affectionate, but I'm not sure how much of that is down to his breed or treatment in early life.

He'd been deaf for quite a while, and had slowly lost fine motor control of his back legs. When he started having mornings where he couldn't get up off his bed we all kinda knew it was coming to an end.

It's very weird. I've had a dog for the majority of my life, and it's just like rediscovering it every time I open the garage door or back door and don't see him there. It's also quite odd that I'm noticing the lack of affection where a massive furry drooling thing used to be.