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[icon] Fic: Understanding (pt 2) - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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Subject:Fic: Understanding (pt 2)
Time:04:52 pm
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Title: Understanding Part 2 (alternatively, The Five Solutions for Operation Overdrive)
Author: Dingo
Disclaimer: So not mine.
Author's Note: ...damn. Damn, damn, damn. I got to the end and realised there's another part to go. terrierlee, I hope you're happy. ;) (Plus, I didn't even get the timeline right. This is probably within the same timeframe as Part 1. Next part is going to be post-series, dammit.)

Mack spent a lot of time listening to Tyzonn.

Initially, as in the first few days he spent with the team, he was very quiet. The few times he spoke were to ask questions - mainly of Rose. Everything fascinated him, from Spencer's cupcakes to the knives and forks to the pool table and their hairstyles. The lighthearted complaints from Rose just highlighted how different he was. Once Rose had assured him that Will's black hair was perfectly normal and that most of the cupcake was edible, he slowly came to each of them in other ways.

During Dax's neverending movie marathons, he sat patiently and asked the questions none of them ever did - about his job before Operation Overdrive. Even Mack can tell how much Dax loved the work he did, but Tyzonn was the only one who seemed willing to share some of Dax's relentless movie chatter. Mack couldn't remember how many times he'd walked in on Dax and Tyzonn, Die Hard or Independence Day muted on the high definition TV and Dax rambling about aircraft high tension wire and green screen versus blue screen (Dax preferred green screen).

He pulled Rose out of her shell. Once she had confided in the rest of them as to Tyzonn's stranger questions and tendencies, she wasn't so hard to find around the mansion anymore. Her nose was still buried in a book ninety percent of the time - she was still Rose, after all - but just as likely as not she'd be on the sofa with one ear open to a conversation going on around her. Tyzonn seemed perfectly aware of this. It was after one particularly pointed question - 'Why doesn't Will ask out Mack or Dax?' - that she appeared to them all hiding a giggle and being followed by an overly perplexed Ty. Once Mack had caught Tyzonn's eye he winked, and turned straight back into the conversation with a few more well-judged questions - 'Why doesn't Will ask out you or Ronny?' 'Why doesn't Mr Hartford ask out you or Ronny?' - prompting shared laughter and occasional gags from the more immature members of the team (ie. Dax).

He brings out a side of Ronny none of them knew existed - the gentle, very girlish side. Not that the competition-obsessed, beautiful Xena that was Ronny Robinson could ever be called boyish. Or even tomboyish. Mack knew she'd kicked ass for less. Something about the blond hair and boyish charm and childlike questions made Ronny giggle and even blush. Not that Tyzonn was her type. Her type was darker, less emotional baggage, more suave and cocky. Tyzonn just had that effect on people. You wanted him to pay attention to you. And he did. At the dark moments they all felt, when Operation Overdrive was more of a burden than a calling, Tyzonn paid enough attention to pull them from their grey clouds. If he'd didn't even make the clouds go away, well, at least he made them thinner for next time.

After the kerfuffle with Will (the imitations no one ever brought up now under pain of torture from the former Black Ranger), Tyzonn made Will a part of the group the same way he did Rose - the moans and groans about a shadow slowly became half-hearted, passing comments mentioned before joining them on jobs or activities he would have scoffed at six months earlier. While Tyzonn slowly gained his confidence being a Ranger, Will was slowly adjusting to being a role model of sorts. He'd never been in that position before - the lone wolf had a cub stumbling after him. Will wasn't the type to let Tyzonn get lost.

And himself. Tyzonn had helped him too.

After the very first time Mack yelled at his father he found himself alone in the kitchen. He still had so much anger, but some restrained part of his programming stopped him from grabbing one of his father's priceless china bowls or sculpted jars and flinging it on the floor. Instead his eyes turned to one of Spencer's knives, left lonely in a holder designed for six.

When Tyzonn walked in, Mack had only just screwed up the courage to actually do it. He'd stood there for a while just staring at the silver blade and the peach skin and trying to pressure himself into doing something with it. Some stupid little thing like an alien invasion of his kitchen wasn't going to stop him. It was a catalyst for his emotions breaking and enough of a split-second distraction of his self-preservation to actually go through with it.

When Tyzonn didn't just walk out, when he grabbed a flowery towel and prised the knife from Mack's fingers, when he tossed him the towel and cleaned off the blade, Mack fell a little in love with Tyzonn. When Tyzonn put a bandaid over the cut that stung like hell, and then didn't mention it again, Mack decided that Tyzonn understands a lot more about them than any of them give him credit for.

Edit Number Four: :: hangs head :: Lordy I suck at html.
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Time:2008-05-19 03:49 am (UTC)
it's a great story I love the way you worked through the whole team be fore Mack and Mack you did a great job with Mack really great job
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[icon] Fic: Understanding (pt 2) - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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