Chimera (y2jdingo) wrote,

Within three days I have finished Planet Simpson (a mega-detailed series of essays about The Simpsons and how each character affected/was affected by the 1990s), bought Adam Copeland on Edge (autobiography of Adam Copeland, otherwise known as professional wrestler Edge [it's a bit below both Foley's and Jericho's, but I hope it picks up a bit towards the start of his WWF career]) and my eBay purchase of Headquarters by Mike Quackenbush (another pro wrestler, but I'm looking forward to this one most) has arrived.

So I need to speed through Edge and get straight on to Quackenbush's.

Oh. And write the third part of Understanding. (Vella's. Trying not to write her like a hetrosexual shark-jumper slash-ruiner, but there you go.)
Tags: real life, writing
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