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[icon] Superplex. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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Current Music:James Maritato vs Xavier. Redoing labels for wrestling rips.
Time:07:08 pm
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It's really, really nice to know that my dad is a predjudiced bitch.

My brother has at least, at least, at least eight piercings. That I know of. I know for a fact that the gross majority of those came before he turned twenty, and all of them came when he was living under this roof.

My other brother, younger than Bro. 1 but older than me, has no piercings. No interest.

I want to get my eyebrow pierced. Asked mother. Said no. I understand, it's a little strange and there's a few more risks involved than with other piercings.

I have a fake ring, a hoop, that cvan go onto most places for piercings. No eyebrow or tongue though.

I've been wearing it on my lip for the last two days, to see what it would be like to have a piercing there and eat and drink and change clothes.

And my dad took one look, said 'Take it off' and told me if I got a facial piercing I'd be gone. No longer living here.

Isn't it nice that parental love is so conditional?
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Time:2004-12-05 09:47 am (UTC)
Such bullcrap. I have my lip and my eyebrow done, and the lip one feels weird for a week or so--I couldn't eat apples or sandwiches, had to break off little pieces--but settles nicely into place. Are you 18? I suggest you get one of them done and then just let the 'rentals deal. My mom didn't speak to me for three days after I got the lip ring, but she got over it.
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Time:2004-12-05 03:17 pm (UTC)
stacey, do not listen to this individual, otherwise i will make sure to pry your mouth open while your mum dumps off an anger-induced stool sample.

just wait until all of the emotionally-draining taunts have made her smoke herself to sleep every night, and you'll be able to get it done.

but before then, i'm going to type out a whole bunch of bullshit to convince you not to get this done either way, because it is 1am and i am bored off my asshole.

1. while eyebrow piercings are absolutely horrific on men, they've got to be about the most manly, skanky, trashy, classless, cheap accessory on women. your parents have probably seen the million manbeast supre skanks rummaging through train station gutters for a cigarette butt while their filthy date-rape dumpster children piss all over the place. they know that they're just accessories used to make people think they're intimidating to others.

2. every trend-felating wanker at the mall has exhausted the novelty out of lip piercings, so i am personally just sick to death of seeing STD-like pieces of shit all over people's mouths constantly. plus, you will eventually take every piercing out, but there is a possibility that a lip piercing will rape your teeth down to cavity-ridden caribbean teeth. for every 16 year old dickhead on the internet who's tried to tell me this did not happen to them, i have seen about 10 pictures on bmzine.com that have made my eyeballs want to scream and vomit. just think: do you really want to look like some homeless asshole whose teeth have taken on years of alcohol abuse? do you remember the teeth on that metho-scented nut case at the bus stop? look in the mirror and ask yourself: when i'm 30 and have to blow $20,000 away to cover the cost of reconstruction in my mouth so i don't look like a banjo-playing hick, all because i tried to look cool when i was some teenage dumbass, will i want to shake a HIV+ baby?

what about the maintenance of both of these piercings? it'll just end up being metophorical sodomy.

ANYWAY, i'm all crazy uptight about generic piercings. they should have never ventured beyond the trailer park.

get a monroe or something subtle. instead of the cheap ass plastic jewellery that everyone else wears, buy a gem...thing that at least has some remote form of class to it so you don't look like white trash.

we should drive to melbourne and adelaide in 2006.

we should also join the gym in 2005.

the ladies will be all on us like flies on shit.

ok, i can't think of any other tangents to go off on.
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[icon] Superplex. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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