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This is the second part to the mini Lacey/Aries ficlet posted a while ago. Not sure if it's finished yet. It stops at a very nice point, and the end is one of my very favourites. One of the main points is that I have honestly no idea how a live crowd - especially an ROH one - would react in this situation.

Lacey held out her hand. Aries didn’t move a muscle to take it. His arm was sore. His head ached. The feeling of sweat running down his temple annoyed him.

“Come with me, Mr Aries.”

It may have been the ‘mister’ that did it. She was trying too hard to be Lolita. It didn’t appeal to him in the slightest. “I told you and your other girlfriend-” here he jerked his chin towards Rain, “-that I wasn’t interested in you. That’s not going to change just because I lost a match."

The specifics of their conversation weren’t being broadcast over the live mic, but the audience could see Aries shaking his head. Sections started to cheer, or talk amongst themselves. He ignored them.

Lacey was persistent. He’d give her that. “What can I offer you?” she asked seductively.

He sighed, absently rubbing his left arm. “Lady, you can’t offer me anything.”

She pouted, then beckoned Rain over. Rain strutted over like a prize peacock; Lacey pulled her in close with an arm around her shoulders and kissed her cheek. “Will she do?”

That part did get picked up by the microphone. Catcalls and occasional derogatory comments were directed the Age of the Fall’s way. Aries waited for the majority of them to die down.

“Lacey. Ladies don’t offer me anything.”

The pause in between the two sentences was deliberate. He wondered if she would pick up on it.

She hesitated for a moment. She started to say something, then rocked back as the full impact of it hit her. “You mean…”

“Lacey.” Aries took one step closer to her, acutely aware of Rain stepping back and Tyler and Jimmy stepping forward. “I don’t like the pussy.”

Thanks to the closer proximity of Aries to the microphone, that sentence was picked up, however softly. Various sections of the audience started booing or catcalling; whether in actual response to his statement or not, Austin wasn’t sure.

The crudeness of the explanation seemed to have the desired effect on Lacey. She took one small step back.

Though he was mainly concentrated on Lacey, he saw Tyler and Jimmy exchange a look. He glanced at them in turn. He dismissed Jacobs nearly immediately as he fingered the top of his cane, but watched intently as Tyler glanced at each of his stablemates in turn.

Lacey noticed.

She still looked a little shellshocked, but even as she was glancing over her shoulder and following Austin's gaze she was regrouping.

"Okay. Okay...okay," she repeated. Her plan apparantly having gone down the gurgler, she raised the microphone to her mouth again.

"So I'm your taste." She extended a hand backwards. Directly to Tyler Black.

"Can we give you someone else?"
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