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An attempt to get back into writing, and disjointed thoughts.

This was ten minutes in Austin Aries' head circa Sixth Anniversary Show; when he started slapping instead of shaking hands at the beginning of matches and more often than not avoiding the final handshake altogether.

What do you do when you get disillusioned by the world? When your best isn't good enough, when you keep reaching for the gold ring and it gets snatched away each time? How do you cope with constant disappointment?

Austin Aries has no idea. He has scratched and clawed for everything he's got - a Ring of Honor spot, the ROH World Title, the ROH Tag Team Title - but he's always eventually succeeded. Three matches and his spot in Ring of Honor was assured. The first World Title shot against Joe, and he wins it. Even with the tag championships with Roderick - they bit and scraped by and lived and died by those titles.

But this...this was different.

That Aries/Lacey and Aries/Tyler feels like it should be in three parts, but damn if I know what that third part is. Maybe I'll put all different scenarios in a hat and pick them at random - end up with something like 'Green Lantern Fan hops the rail and says he can't join the Age of the Fall; GLF's carrying his baby!'

Plus, disjointed thoughts after finally catching up on ROH as of right now:
Eye of the Storm: Some guys can bleed prettily. Austin, though I love you so, you're not one of them.
Respect is Earned II: Roderick Strong, however, is one of them.
Vendetta II: Jimmy Jacobs kisses Austin Aries. I squeed a month ago when I heard, I squeed when I watched, and I kinda have my answer to a question I posed in the Aries/Tyler one shot.

And it's 10:32 and I have to go to work tomorrow. Bull crap. And it's invoice day; even bigger bull crap.

Must remember to take camera to print off ama_exchange's photos during lunch break.
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