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Things Making Me Laugh Today:

-My dad's possum story. Oh My God.
-CM Punk's intro at Empire State Showdown. "And finally...NYQUIL."
-M's screwing up of the phone answering spiel. "Good morning, (XYZ & Co client she just spoke to), M. ...(XYZ & Co) M. speaking."

Things Making Me Happy Today:

-The parrots in the window of the vets' were snuggling as I walked past.
-It's a Friday.
-My parents have gone up the coast for the weekend.

Things Making Me Ambivalent About Today:

-Upon going home my Internet shall still be screwy. Which means I probably won't be able to do as much as I wanted on the 'Net this weekend. Also means I have more reason to spend ungodly amounts of time on Red Alert.
-It's raining, which is both good and bad. Summer is definitely on its way.
-My new non-annual-charge credit card is either on its way to me or will be one its way next week. Saves me $24 a year, but I've got to spend $1000 a year to keep it. As my dad pointed out, I'll probably spend about that on fuel for the car. Plus, you know, several times that on Ring of Honor DVDs.
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