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Oh man.

My immense inner geekitude has forced me to make an Excel spreadsheet with 46 former and current ROH wrestlers' DOBs, how old they are as of today, and have made a dent inputting them all in my work calendar as reoccuring appointments alongside my family birthdays.

Not only that: I now have a table of ROH World Champions, from Low Ki to Nigel McGuinness, with number of defenses, date won and date lost, and then figured out the various ratios of days to defenses.

Most fighting ROH Champion ever: James Gibson, with a defense record equivalent to once every nine days.

Then Austin, with one every 10.87 days.

Morishima, every 11.55 days.

Dragon, every 12.15 days.

Then Punk (every 13.75 days), Nigel (every 17.31 days, as of 21/10/08), Homicide (18.6), Joe(22.24), Xavier(45.5) and finally Low Ki (a whopping one defense for 56 days).
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