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[icon] Enziguri. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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Current Music:Steve Irwin. And dear Punk, he just sounded like my brother.
Time:02:26 pm
Current Mood:intimidatedintimidated
Take any of your characters and tell the world twenty five random things about them.


1) Moderately quiet. He's neither the life of the party or a wallflower.
2) Sarcastic.
3) He doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve - his heart is in his chest covered by three bullet-proof vests, a Bible and a safe.
4) Would fulfill criteria of 'tall, dark and brooding' is he was a brunette.
5) Very comfortable with public displays of affection.
6) Eighteen.
7) Generally speaking, he shares beliefs with Buddists.
8) Very, very protective of people that he loves.
9) Has a very battle-oriented mind.
10) Has a tendency to underestimate his own mind.
11) Will not, under any circumstances, cheat. or at least, what he would consider cheating.
12) Has a lax attitude towards working.
13) Hates beyond all else feeling helpless and weak.
14) Very pattern-oriented - he sees patterns and trends quicker than his friends.
15) He second-guesses all his decisions internally, but shows no sign of it outwardly.
16) Goes to therapy.
17) Vengeful - if he feels like there's been a wrong, he won't rest until it's righted.
18) Controls thunder and lightning, but has no control over rain or clouds.
19) Knows Spanish, although not completely fluent.
20) Easily annoyed.
21) Very accepting.
22) Doesn't expect anything from anyone, or for anything to happen or not to happen. Is very rarely surprised.
23) Insomniac.
24) Is fine at waking up in the middle of the night, but refuses to get up in the morning.
25) Very prickly to people he doesn't know, but very tender to those he loves.

Apparently Mr Helix Piercing is 'throwing a fit' so I was told to do a sea salt soak for both piercings twice a day. Very good is this - I've been doing it for two days and it's healed more than the entire three months I've had it.

Oh yes - Dylan's coming out of the hospital soon. We're going up to visit him now - then onto aunt/uncle and grandparents (separately).

And I have $59.32 in the bank. Life currently sucks, because I had over $200 last week, and I haven't bought anything except this piercing ($55). And I won't know where it went until I get my statement, which could be a week or a month from now. >:(

...whoa, I like the intimidated icon.
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[icon] Enziguri. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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