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[icon] Thought I'd better update while I still remember how the night went.… - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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Time:11:24 pm
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
Thought I'd better update while I still remember how the night went.


Originally had seats back row (of two) on the end. After the introduction matches the woman in front offered the seats next to her, since the rest of her people weren't coming. Smackbang middle of the ropes to hardcam left.

Two (or three? Two, I think, three were scheduled but only two) women's matches to start off. Nothing offensive; Jessie McKay is as cute in person as on DVD.

Break before the main show. I think here was going over to the gimmick table and buying Chris Hero's Best Of + PWA cap. I feel like a dwarf with most adult guys, but he is solid. Great facial hair, too; better looking in person. Also got to witness Hero chopping the shit out of a fan who asked for it. There was about six camera phones recording, so look for that on YouTube.

Tag Match O' Doom: Team called the Assassins? have a gay gimmick, which was awesome fun to watch. Funniness abounded - everyone dove onto everyone else leaving one guy in the ring, who was too scared to dive so he kept running the ropes. Same dude later on, after a tower o' badness which toppled everyone else, went for nine pins including one on his own partner.

...singles match here, I think? Ah, Pheonix vs Bruiser - highlight being as soon as they left the ring I glanced over and said to my dad 'I hope they don't use the scaffolding. No, there's a photographer in it, they won't use it. Ah crap, they're using it.' Dive from a ledge on the wall=craziness.

Ash Riot vs...someone. May have got the order of the last one and this one messed up. Ash Riot is one of the prettiest guys I have seen in person. He has the bone structure and eyebrows to be an awesome drag queen. That may be the largest backhanded compliment I've ever given (depending on how you take it).

Sorrow vs Soul? Sole? for a belt, either Southern Cross or Queensland. This may have been on after intermission. Odd, since they both seemed to be bad guys; Sorrow had interfered and turned on his own guy two matches earlier, so he would be the heel but Soul had a manager being a dick to everyone, so yeah, odd. Very cool match even though, topped off at the end by the ring announcer saying 'Sorrow proving why no one likes emos'.

Intermission at like 8.15. Gave flamboyantflair the DVDs.

Esteban Molina vs Shadow Phoenix was awesome awesome awesome. I think I've seen Molina on a DVD before, but didn't really stand out. Yeah. Wow.

Wows just kept coming with Sara Del Rey vs...someone Skater. Without checking I couldn't tell you. Sara is HAWT in person. Hot on DVDs as well, but man. Fucking monster she was too. Quite possible match of the night to this point.

Chris Hero vs Mason Childs 2/3 falls = epic. This must have gone over 30min, but it felt like maybe half that. Teased the big dives to the floor, and Dad made fun of me for moving the hell out of the way when Hero barreled towards the ropes in front of me. Hey. I've seen enough IWA:MS to know to pick up my shit and move when it looks like it could even possibly be heading my way. Also used the table we were sitting at for a seesaw spot which made fantastic noise. Hero got his mouth busted. That 70's Ref screwed up the finish.

Kyote vs Obie Cartel came on after Hero/Childs and maybe suffered as a result. My dad counted the number of times an Irish whip made the ring move (4). Shenanigans after the match.

'Kay. Sleep now.
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Time:2008-12-20 02:31 pm (UTC)
I am so glad you had fun!! It was nice meeting you too. I owe you money :) I won't forget.

I quite liked Night 2, much better than the night before. I didn't really think there was any terrible matches, all were pretty entertaining (although you're right, the botched finished for the semi-main was annoying!), so it was fun :D

I really hope you come to another show :D I know we are back at Cleveland in May 2009 for the big Rise of the Warriors tournament (number three!), Hero has competed in the last two :)
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[icon] Thought I'd better update while I still remember how the night went.… - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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