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Yesterday and today were just great muddles of crap that left me feeling lower than the mites on a cockroach. Let us sum up:

- I will need to pay out at least a couple of hundred for a mechanic to see my car, possibly probably then pay a further $600+ for parts, all because I am a fuckwit and didn't check the water in my car enough. And if it gets too far above the $800+ mark my parents will insist upon my buying another car and killing this one.

- After point one came out yesterday afternoon my dad was in silent furious mode with me all night.

- We had the nephew last night and today. We went walking last night and he tripped on the edge of the sidewalk, which got me two very forceful glares from mum and dad for letting it happen.

- Mum suggested this morning that we bake muffins. She then took the kid out for some errands, brought him back, told him that Stacey would make muffins with him which I emphatically denied. I do not trust myself with that kid in a kitchen. Let alone my mother's kitchen; I figured she was mad enough with me already. She then stormed out on a forgotten errand and was snippy all day.

- We had another lost dog who we've seen around the neighbourhood, Princess. Original plan was to hold her downstairs with Bundy. Upon taking her across the road I lost hold of the scruff of her neck and she bounded towards downstairs, which got two yells from my parents, a bad attempt at catching her by dad, and Princess running off to the house down the road my dad is now sure she lives in.

Yeah. Bad days. Sleep now. Sweet dreams of Shelley and Sabin and kittens, hopefully.
Tags: real life, spencer the wonder car, stress, wtfarrgh
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