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I do too many memes.

Association Meme: Comment to this post with 'comment!' and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

The wonderful misscam gave me:

Wrestling DVDs
Ask Me Anything

Brisbane: My favourite hometown. I have spent nearly two decades in this city and I love it. There is such a spread of everything in Brissy - weather goes from "MUST-STAY-OUT-OF-SUN-OMG-I'M-MELTING" to 'oh crap I sat on a wet seat and my bum froze and snapped off". Might I say, however, I have never seen snow, so my idea of temperatures may be skewed. Slightly. And we have so many evergreen trees there's rarely any real visual change between the seasons other than the positioning of the sun. The majority of outer suburbia is hills - just an example, three suburbs are Ferny Hills, Arana Hills, and Bald Hills. We can never have too many descriptor suburbs. Brisbane has a little of everything, every subculture is catered to in some small way and it's a more than decent place to have a family.

Wrestling DVDs: Heh. I am obssessed with pro wrestling. Not exactly a shocker. There are two federations I know of running in south east Queensland - PWAQ and PWAQ Underground. This weekend will feature my second show for PWAQ, which unfortunately runs either too far away or on awkward dates. The majority of styles of wrestling I like come from the US - one company I love (Chikara), one I like (Ring of Honor) and one I tolerate (TNA). Since I can't really fly over there from show to show it falls to DVDs to see their stuff. Either that or bittorrent, but I don't like doing that much anymore.

GAFF: Oh Lordy, GAFF. For the majority of people on my flist who wouldn't know, GAFF is GodAwful FanFiction. It was a snark messageboard which I think came around the late 90s, and I joined...I can never remember. Somewhere around '02 or '03. Basically people would go all Mystery Science Theatre on truly terrible pieces of fanfiction with urple prose and horrible metaphors and awful subjects which sometimes did and didn't involve woefully written sex scenes. Sarcasm and snark ruled all. I can point to this place as the reason I could not face Twilight without commentary running in my head. I can also point to this place as where I met some awesome people (some of whom may actually be reading this right now, and if they are I hope they really how truly wicked cool they are). This was the first place I really interacted with people who could be completely different from me and still have things in common that opened my eyes to life itself, really.

Ask Me Anything: This is by default the community I am most active in, and the most active community I am in. Whole bunch of people (from memory the member list is well over 2k) from all walks of life who ask and answer questions from 'what should I have for dinner' to 'what do you think of current politics'. Takes what GAFF did to opening my eyes to life and chucks it into the abyss like a shotput. One of the things this community has done outside of discussions on every topic is raise upwards of $2000 for a member and her son to get an apartment and help them live, pretty much. I have also met some awesome people here, seen people at their best and worst, and man is there some pretty people in there.

Dragons: are all crowdog66's fault. Blame her. I have nearly forty dragons & eggs based from my OTP adopting parents Roderick Black and Austin Grey. 13 of them are seasonal families, with two sisters responsible for the majority of the offspring.

But speaking of, my most recent winter-bred eggs. Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

And from the lovely Ms crowdog66: Describe me in one word - just one single word. Positive or negative.

- Leave your word in a comment, before looking at what words others have used.

- Copy and paste the meme to your journal to find out how people describe you when limited to one word.
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