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'Cause it's all about me.

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon of new friends=introductory posts.

I am y2jdingo, obv. I also answer to various other things, depending on fandom or which era you know me from: Dingo for Power Rangers stuff, Chimera for a whole lot of smaller stuff, Stacey in real life.

I have just turned twenty. I have no dependants, no bills, and apparently this means no worries.

I attempt to write to express myself. Lately it hasn't been working.

My life is boring, and filled with work and watching wrestling. That is all I do.

'Brandish' and 'toast' are two of my favourite words that I don't get to say nearly enough. Screaming "YEAH TOAST!" in the middle of a busy intersection is this week's goal.

I like girls as much as I like guys, sometimes even more. I like the idea and concept of guys more, but I find girls more attractive. I have never had either a girlfriend or boyfriend, not even one of the one-day ones from primary school.

I just deleted a paragraph of stuff that was a self-put-down. I do that quite a bit.

I think this is far too many sentences starting with 'I'.
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