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Weird Dream of Last Night: I was Davey Richards. I was in a three way dance with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe (might I add, outside of this dream that would be an awesome combination). While Joe was backdropping AJ out of the ring 'I' got too close to AJ's flying feet, copped one in the mouth, and it knocked my right canine tooth loose - like hanging by a gum-thread loose. Obviously this resulted in bucketloads of blood, and I somehow decided 'fuck this, I don't need this tooth', ripped it out, and realized 'WOO! THAT WAS THE CROOKED TOOTH!'

I owe someone an icon meme, too, but my Internet has gone snail speeds since finishing the 'ahem' of Chuck Taylor: Tries His Hardest. It resets around the fifteenth - the notification email's sitting waiting for my attention.

With yet another day off tomorrow (YES!) I might start up something I call 'The Fangirl's Review of Chikara'. Possibly. ADCD permitting.
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