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[icon] 650 Corkscrew. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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Subject:650 Corkscrew.
Time:10:52 am
Current Mood:amusedamused
Okay. Internet's been pff, pretty much since the last journal entry, so I'm spending my precious computer time downloading little Yahoo! games to keep myself amused upon the next Internet outage. And I think we're switching 'Net providers as soon as our Tesltra 18 months is up. Though it should be up already. We just don't have a record of it.

Okay. Real purpose of the journal entry.

(Note: I ordered my first official RoH DVDs on Thursday. GOD-FUCKING-DAMN I'm happy.)

Back to your regularly scheduled entry.

Best wrestler/fan interactions. (stolen from the RoH messageboard)

Fan: "Hey Aries, what does your tattoo mean?"
Aries: "It means fuck you!"

CM Punk: "I bet that goatee makes a good bullseye for your boyfriend!"

CM Punk: "Keep drinking! I want you to DIE!"

Fan: "Stryker sucks."
Matt Stryker: "I may suck, but you swallow."

Fan: "Trent Acid is the smartest man in wrestling."
Trent Acid: "You fucking got that right!"

Fan: "You're not even the best Matt Stry(i)ker I saw today."
(Commence much cracking up by the crowd/Samoa Joe {Stryker's opponent}

Fast Eddie: "I CANT SEE YOU!!!!" (with John Cena hand-gimmick)

Fan: "Corino you're worse than you were last year."
Corino "No, I'm just fatter."

Fan: "You suck!"
Tazz: "If I suck, your mother taught me."

Fan: "You just got beat by Jimmy Rave!"
Acid: "That's embarrassing."

(Christopher Daniels and Xavier are about to wrestle.)
Fan: "Christopher Daniels is late on his child support!!"
(Daniels and Xavier move in to lock up, Daniels points the "one second" finger at Xavier and walks to the ropes.)
Daniels: "Really, what the fuck is that?"

Fans: "Please don't die! Please don't die!"
Bryan Danielson: "I don't give a fuck if I die."

Fan: "Stryker, I love your man-panties!"
Stryker: "Then you must be gay."
Fan: "Only for YOU...STRYKER! My nipples are hard for you Stryker!!!!!"

(during any beat-up of a Special K kid)

Fan: "Alex Shelley is the sexiest man alive."
Alex: "What are you a fucking homo!?!"

(seven-year old girl yelling random stuff)
Bubba Ray Dudley: " Shut the hell up. I hit girls too!"

Fan: "Boring! Boring!"
Punk: "Hey asshole, the door's right over there."

Fan: "Cabana, you look like Doogie Howser!"
Cabana: "I'm as smart as Doogie Howser too!"

Fan: "Punk Sucks Dick!"
CM Punk: "That's a minor gripe!"

Corino: "It doesn't matter-we already have your money."

Fans: "Fuck you, Shelley!"
Alex Shelley: "That is not nice!"

Fan: "Fuck him up, Acid, fuck him up!"
Jimmy looks towards the fans with the saddest face ever. He was hurt that we wanted him to get fucked up.

(Angel Dust was at ringside with Becky.)
Fan at Angel Dust: "Hey Look! there's LOW KI!!!"
(Angel then looked around really scared and grabbed his head.)
Becky: "Stop it, that's not nice!"
(Lather, rinse, repeat as often as is funny)

Fan: "Becky Bayless has herpies!"
Becky Bayless: "I've been to the doctor, and he says I'm clean."

Fan: "Stupid fucking mask."
American Dragon: "Stupid fucking mark."

Fans: "Let's go Pitbulls!"
Romero: "Fuckin' hate St. Paul."

And on that high note, we end.
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[icon] 650 Corkscrew. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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