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Still looking for a CHIKARA icon.

So last night I sat down and did my first writing since December, and my first semi-finished product since August. Of last year. That is eight months where I haven't produced anything remotely literary.

I really want do some cooking. Or baking, rather. Things like cupcake pops, or mini candy cupcakes (of Bakerella fame) and there's three points against me on this:
1) I would need candy melts. I have never seen candy melts for sale in my city.
2) My mother doesn't like me cooking unhealthy stuff.
3) Where would I dispose of them? Recipe calls for an entire cake, crumbled, even if my mother let me have a go at them & I took some to work, half of them would sit there slowly degrading until I muttered something under my breath and threw them out in frustration.

I'm going to go shopping tomorrow. My first pair of sunglasses (I've only just grown to appreciate how horrible the sun is when wearing contacts, and stealing my dad's has just become less of an option) and maybe a visit to the nearest Fat Woman Shop for lounge pants. (I own way too many black T shirts [wrestling related ones, of course] and I have a single pair of halfway comfy lazy pants for weekends where I do nothing.) Maybe a long sleeved top I can wear under all those shirts in winter, a skivvy. Though I've been looking for skivvies for years. Never found any that look decent and don't create the shelf-boob.

I've been in a weird accusatory mood in the last week and a bit. Stupid comments my family make are just going around in circles in my head, and it's just blowing up into an internal shit storm where most of it falls back on me. Also? Listening to S get the annoyed-explanation tone from BossLady after she bitched me out for something I didn't do and actually could not do and that BossLady would never expect me to do within the 8-hour working day time restrictions? Fab. Schadenfreude rules my life nowadays.

Edit: Possible explanation for bitchiness? Day 21 of Uterus Bleeding.
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