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Every Tuesday night me & my dad go to Trivia, occasionally joined by my brother. Last week I won a Trivia Quick, which is basically 'raise your hand and catch the dude's attention first', answering 'Which Zodiac is represented by a non-living object?'. This week? 'Who is professional wrestler Mark Calloway better known as?'

I would have beat the entire room at getting my hand up - if anyone else had known the answer to the question. As I was walking down to collect the bag of mini white Milky Ways, Gary said "I didn't think anyone would get that! You need to get a life."

Happy birthdays to angel_negra and rainbow_goddess! (I don't know if I'll be posting tomorrow, so early better than never, right?)

I have a massive cold. Hopefully it doesn't stretch out for three months again like it did last year.
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