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Comment here saying you want to play. I will find seven things off of your profile and you have to post in your journal with why you are interested in them. At that time, I will comment and squee. And possibly also participate in the fun by having you choose seven of my interests. We will go round and round and round.

misscam gave me:

being silly: It's so much fun. Especially when you've just become an adult, you're starting to get the gist of adult conversations, people are including you in stuff...and then you walk around the office with a cardboard box on your head singing 'The Final Countdown' mashed up with 'MMMBop'.

cheech and cloudy: Cheech and Cloudy are a indy wrestling tag team with two vague gimmicks depending on where they're working - either hippy surfer dudes in family friendly places like Chikara, or stoner dudes elsewhere. One of my favourite memories of Cheech and Cloudy is Gimmick 2 encrouching on Gimmick 1 - a section of the crowd started chanting "4:20! 4:20!" Cheech comes over all panicked and doing the cut-it-out sign while Cloudy loudly protests "Family friendly!" The crowd then explains 4:20 off as "a code" to their playing-innocent opponents.

girlish screams: More to do with wrestling. :D Chuck Taylor is a ridiculously over the top guy in his twenties who doesn't hesitate to steal someone's Cheetos and eat them while waiting to get tagged into a match. He also hates little kids and attempts at every opportunity to make them cry. And yet the biggest way he shows his ass is when he gets chopped he screeches like a little girl.

peppermint: Peppermint is my favourite non-dairy taste ever. Mint choc-chip ice cream is a mix of everything good about the world.

sassy men: My most recent crushes are numerous, but the majority of those with Y chromosomes can be neatly summed up as 'sassy'. They're all cheeky to a certain degree, they state the obvious with a degree of sarcasm, and seem the type to pull girls' pigtails for attention.

snakes: Oh I like snakes. They're absolutely gorgeous. I've held a python that was longer than I am tall, and it was glorious. So warm and smooth. I was seriously debating on getting a children's python earlier in the year. Also where I live - suburbia, only one or two streets away from nature preserves - it's not hugely uncommon to see snakes. The backyard usually only gets lizards, but go walking for long enough and you'll trip over a little green thing sunbaking.

the no remorse corp: A now-defunct wrestling stable, consisting of Roderick Strong, Davey Richards and Rocky Romero. Established...2007, I think? Finished up in the middle of '08, Davey kicking Roderick in the balls to join Sweet'N'Sour Inc. I think I must have about four shirts for this group, all in various stages of wear and tear, just because they were selling out the last of them.
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