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I don't think I've actually posted in my own LJ since the latest addition of a whole bunch of ask_me_anything friends so...hi, new people!

I saw an owl on the family walk tonight. A Boobook owl, I think. Swooped down onto our street sign as we were coming up to it, and just kinda ignored us as Mum moved on and Dad and I stopped and watched it for a minute. After we kept going it swooped over something in the middle of the road and kept going into a tree - quickly followed by the emergence of the neighbourhood's annoying cat, skittering from underneath a car towards it. I nearly thought the owl had spied the cat and was trying to warn it off, but Dad says the bird caught something smaller it could enjoy. It made a change from the near-nightly possum sightings. (None tonight.)

We did see another dog, though (twice, actually, starting off and then again coming home), belonging to a house with the garage door open. Very gingerly came out to suss out Bundy - but Bundy's not the friendliest, most socialized dog in the world, so Mr or Ms Golden Retriever slunk back to their house after a whinge or two from Bundy.

Bundy was oddly full of pep tonight, pulling pretty much all the way and even giving a bit of a trot after being let off the leash. Big change from Monday night, where he slowed right down not even halfway through the walk and completely wiped out attempting to jump the curb. (That was a scary as hell moment. As soon as I'm done updating this I'm finding his blanket from last year and added it back to his bed. And giving him a kiss.)

Trivia questions of last night that I knew the answers to: carmine is a shade of what colour, the three subtitles to the Lord of the Rings movies, the TV personality known as the 'domestic goddess', the father of Mel B's baby Angel, and which shape Pythagoras' Theorem related to.
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