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Second part of this meme, given by onehopeful:

androgyny: is hot. Short haired waif with a tuxedo and rounded features=nummy.

chikara: Chikara (or CHIKARA) is a professional wrestling federation that operates out of Philadelphia, PA. It's a brilliant mix of serious storylines with awesome, campy, hilarious and/or intense characters (eg. three guys wrestle as ants, there's a guy who weighs all of 140 pounds who everyone pretends is a giant) and generally fabulous actual wrestling, which in itself is a mix of every wrestling style known to the western world.

equinox: Somewhat for the time of year where the days and the nights are about the same length, but also for an identity in Chikara. Guy called Vin Gerard wore a mask and a fancy outfit and called himself Equinox, a Mexican luchadore or wrestler, before being unmasked as he is, a white guy with an outfit and a mask. Down the road, another guy called Jimmy Olsen is feuding with Vin Gerard, and to play mind games he started wearing an exact copy of the mask+outfit, pretending to be Equinox.

icarus: Hate to say it, but this is another case like Equinox - the story of Icarus, who flies too close to the sun and melts part of his wings, is some of it. But there's also a Chikara guy called Icarus - actually, way back in 2002 he was called Ichabod Slayne, but he lost his mask and renamed himself Icarus. Everybody absolutely despises the guy, he can barely enter the building without boos. Except me, I like him. He has awesome hair, which may or may not still be on his head - he had a Lucha de Apuesta (or 'bet match') last weekend where the losers either got shaved heads or their masks taken. I'm avoiding spoilers until I get the DVD, hopefully in about 3 weeks time.

malarky: It's a fun word.

toast: Man, toast is also a fun word. Has vague tie-ins to my two most prominent fandoms: Chikara had a guy called Ultimo Breakfast, who wore a mask shaped like a toaster with, you guessed it, a slice of toast coming out of the top of his head. One thing leads to another. And Bridge, one of the five main characters in Power Rangers SPD has an obsession with buttery toast.

wrestling: I like wrestling. Quite a bit. Can you tell?
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