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As per this entry, my poor car.

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My mum parked it on the street outside her work. A coworker of hers was waiting to turn into the driveway, and a truck came past, collected the lady in a ute, ricocheted off and straight into the back of mine. It's not like a mangled wreck or anything, but it'd be far >$2000 to fix, and my car's worth less than that so it's been written off.

My dad's lined up another car for me via one of his old friends - it's an old Holden Nova, which means we'll have exactly the same car except that mine will be an automatic and his is a manual. Hopefully that'll be ready sometime this week - until then we're playing swapsies and tag with the two remaining cars we share between four people, one of whom (me) can't drive either of them, two whose schedules directly conflict, and another which has a bouncy schedule which, thankfully, this week is rather clear.

(Mental/LJ note to self: get new Chikara bumper sticker.)
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