Chimera (y2jdingo) wrote,

The wished-for trip to the US has actually been mentioned out loud. And now I want it all the more.

Research coming on the weekend, regarding hotels around the Reading/South Philly area, plus maybe trains? up and around the East Coast. Washington, Maryland, Vermont? Are those in the same area? How much would a hotel room cost in Philly if I base there for three weeks, leave my stuff there on day- or two-day-trips?

What else is in that area? Museums, history tours. I want to see bare trees. March/April? Either next year or year after. Hope to Gid they still put on King of Trios around that time of year. I want to go big, dammit.

My brother went over to China and onto England with nearly $12k, but he isn't paying for lodging in England, and China is really really cheap, plus he's working in England.

Airfare would be nearly $4k.

I had a ridiculous dream last night where I was actually going on holiday somewhere, and then day of the flight I realised I hadn't told my boss that I wasn't going to be in for work for a week or two. Cue very uncomfortable feeling of 'I'm forgetting something' as soon as I woke up.
Tags: king of trios 2010, real life
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