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Man, I haven't seriously updated in forever. Point form upcoming.

- I previously won a complimentary Sunday breakfast at the local footy club. We as a family kept putting it off and putting it off - until we finally said 'Let's go this weekend' - which was last weekend. We had all just gotten dressed when my mum said 'Check the ticket and make sure it hasn't expired'. It had expired that Thursday, three days earlier. My mum said 'Sometimes you are so much like your brothers I worry.'*

*My oldest brother, C, once put his wallet on top of his car to hop in. Then forgot it was on top of the car and drove off. It was found at the top of our street. He used to replace his phone about once every three months for losing it, I don't even want to guess how many replacement credit cards he's had over his life, and can never show up to anything on time. My next brother, R, went off to China at the beginning of the month. He'll be there for about another week, then he's on to England for however long his money lasts. He had two bags - one a carry-on with his passport, visa, paperwork, on-plane amusements, and the other a 22kg suitcase full of clothes. He had two bags. My parents got three quarters of the way to the airport when he noticed he'd forgotten his carry on bag with his ticket. My dad broke a bucketful of traffic laws at 4 in the morning to deliver him to the plane on time.

- I just got back from driving out to Samford to get dog beds for my dog. No one bloody sells hessian bags anywhere anymore.

- I was previously steadfastly avoiding Chikara spoilers for Young Lions Cup. It was not going to be like King Of Trios where I went all of six days before being spoiled. I defriended Chikara on MySpace & Twitter, avoiding and resolved to wait the three weeks until the DVDs were available. And then I check and the main headline on the side was 'BUY OR SELL: ______ as Young Lions Cup Champ' - with _____ filled in with the appropriate name. I was furious. I managed nine days. I chose the winner, though, in my preshow picks.

- Also annoying? The Chikara Yearbook was released almost a month ago. I bought the autographed version. I then misread the follow-up email and thought they were sending them out after their July show, and was therefore expecting it any day now. But no, silly me, it was after Young Lions Cup weekend, last weekend, and now I have at least a week to wait. Dangnabbit.

Firefox history meme: You know how Firefox now pulls up suggestions for you in the address bar as soon as you type a single letter? Go do that now with every letter of the alphabet, and link the first page that comes up for each. You don't have to explain or even comment, but no cheating, even if it's porn/embarrassing!

A: - I am ever so slightly addicted to AlphaBounce. This is possibly the best simple guide out there.
D: - My click-a-day virtual city.
E: - My gateway into Wikipedia.
G: - Like Google, but with one ad and the proceeds going to charity.
J: - Yes, it did come up twice.
K: - ICanHasCheezburger for politics.
M: - Mike Quackenbush's MySpace.
O: - Super long, super funny Power Rangers fic.
P: - Local wrestling fed.
Q: - Vampires!
R: - Had to get very quickly away from this site before I saw bad things. Even though I know who won Young Lions Cup. Grr, 411mania. Grr.
U: - Yes, despite not having a 'U' in the address, it did come up first. He's put 'Unstable' in the page name.
V: - And yes, this did come up twice.
Z: - Sweet, sweet wrestling fanmade music videos. There's a couple of Chikara ones on there so far, which I listen to/watch every night.

Edit: Eep! Happy birthday to flamboyantflair!

Edit the Second: RPM - 'Not So Simple'? Awesomesauce. I love that Gem and Gemma, over the last two episode, have been shown interacting with Scott and Flynn respectively, or just people other than themselves and Dr K.
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