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On the potential trip

Yesterday I was going to head down to the travel agents' and just ask questions. About what I need to get out of the county and into America (I'm fairly sure it's just a passport, I qualify for the visa waiver but I don't know what I need to get into that system) and what prices look like currently, and when I'd have to book to get a decent-ish deal on flight and maybe hotels. But there was kerfuffle, and I ended up needing to stay at home for the afternoon to watch the nephew, and then had to drop parentals at the train station so they could go to my brother's friends' party, and by that time it would have closed. Thought of going today, but was 1) too lazy and 2) too lazy.

I'm also thinking about whether I can book a flexible flight to Philedelphia, then if a PWG show gets announced for either the weekend before or maybe the one after I can go from Brisbane to Los Angeles, then LA to Philadelphia for Chikara's King of Trios.

It's now down to about 5 months. 23/24/25 April 2010.
Must rewatch 2009 Chikara as well, get some ideas for the Chikara Fans end-of-year awards. I've been thinking on the 'ouch' moment of the year, and the biggest ones I can think of are the DVD on a ladder from Equinox to Vin Gerard at Revolution X, and the Awful Waffle from Chuck Taylor to Worker Ant at Bloody Skis.
Je. from work is off at Fiji next week, so it'll be pretty much just me and the newish girl answering phones. I'm actually pretty cool about this, when there's kerfuffle in the other department of the office that sometimes leaks over into our side we have to answer their phones as well - there was a big water balloon of badness that landed Friday last week, so overflow will definitely come through, and Je. isn't exactly the person that can tactfully tell everyone that calls 'Well, actually, someone else screwed this whole thing up, go talk to them'.
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