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Title: As of this minute, untitled. I'm thinking of 'Beginning'. Or something more sinister.
Author: Dingo. Me.
Fandom: Power Rangers, all/most seasons but set in RPM.
Summary: It’s three days after the end of the world and Adam’s feeling a little stressed.
Author Notes: This is in response to tsukino_akume's Hug Meme, and also the prologue of a plotbunny driven story. Thanks for this are due to a weird dream, the picspam from RPM's finale and Miss jadetate's contributions to the bunny.

“What numbers are we up to now?”

“Hundred sixty-four, with another six unconfirmed.”

“Do we have any idea how many were Rangers?”

Justin’s face closed quickly. “We’ve found eighteen. Another two who are injured.”

Adam clenched his fist, before deliberately releasing it. “We need as many of them as possible to come up here. Any with kids, other responsibilities, they need to be taken care of.” He glanced back at Justin. “The two injuries?”

“One broken leg, quite serious. Dana’s the best doctor we have available. She says it shouldn’t be a problem for her. Rocky’s...” Justin hesitated. “He’s...”

Adam say heavily in the chair. “I know. Tori told me when she found his name on the records.”

“The supplies we managed to collect are decent. He might get back some movement.”

“There’s a...there was a place in the south of the city that sold stuff like wheelchairs and rehab equipment. Once we’re organized we can figure out how to get more supplies and send a group down to pick some of it up.” Adam dropped his head into his hands, silent for a moment before scrubbing his hands over his face. “We need to settle more before doing anything.”

Justin nodded, and briefly laid his hand on Adam’s shoulder. “You need anything?” he asked quietly.

Adam looked over to him, dark eyes above his fingers before slowly shaking his head. “You feel like inventing a time machine?” he asked.

Justin could only give a half hearted smile at the black humor. “Sorry, man.”

“Nothing to be sorry for. We’re all in this apocalypse together.” Adam stood and headed for the window, which looked over the school grounds they’d managed to clear and occupy.

Justin walked up behind him, thankful the years after Rangerhood had given him enough height to look Adam in the eyes. “Adam.”

“Yeah.” Adam turned, and gave his own half-hearted smile. Justin barely registered the look before being enfolded in a hug. He didn’t hesitate before wrapping his arms around Adam’s back.

“I never said how glad I was that you’re alive.”

Justin let out a short bark of real laughter. “It’s nice to have that feeling from anyone.” He tightened his grip before turning his face into Adam’s neck. “I’m glad that you’re here, and that we’re in this together.”

Adam whispered something into his hair that Justin didn’t catch - he wasn’t exactly as tall as Adam - and tightened his own grip.

This was their life after Venjix. They’d do what they needed to do.
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