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  • 18:21 I miss Blind Rage. And Mr Zero. #
  • 18:23 Is Ricky Reyes in the crowd for Chikara's 05 Torneo Cibernetico? Also, I really miss Blind Rage. #
  • 19:51 I can't remember who wins this Cibernetico. I think it's either Icarus or Gran Akuma, now that Jigsaw's eliminated and Claudio was 2007. #
  • 19:58 w00t w00t for Hallowicked doing mucha lucha. He still does some wicked (ha) stuff now, but man. Arik Cannon has no mohawk here; saddens me. #
  • 20:45 Oop, Icarus just tapped out. Guess this is Akuma's year. #
  • 21:01 If this goes down to Gran Akuma vs Hallowicked I might squee. As I was typing Hallowicked was eliminated. Dang. #
  • 21:49 Bryce Remsburg hadn't got his attitude yet (2005). But Rorschach has a tie, and he is AWESOME. Dude needs to come back lots more. #
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