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I have Internets. And it is good.

Last Friday went to another PWAQ show in the next suburb (w00t for closeness). What I thought was a great show - not that many people, unfortunately, so I don't know if they'll run there again. Bought the Rise of the Warriors III shows. Also discovered I had taken the work post office box key home with me, so had to drop that at J's house afterwards.

Last Saturday my parents and I went up the coast to Alexandra Headlands. Our usual holiday unit was taken off the rental market by the owners, so we had to try out a new place. 'First' floor (ground level, mezzanine level, us) unit, three bedrooms, one en suite and a separate bathroom. View was gorgeous. But keys were needed everywhere - to get into the building, to move the elevator, to get out of (but strangely not to get into) the pool area, front door. Also the pool area was not to people's liking - one table, two uncomfortable chairs. My mum probably spends 80% of her waking holiday hours sunbathing so that wasn't going to work out. Don't know if we'll be heading to the same place next year. Cotton Tree was thrown around a bit, but I don't think it's by the beach, so...

Wednesday morning I had to catch a train from Eudlo/Woombye (either station was much of a muchness getting to it). My dad took a turn where he wasn't supposed to, and we couldn't get back to the right place. Eventually we asked directions and were pointed about a k. down the road to the next station - which was a good twenty minutes ahead of the other two. So it was all good. Got lost for twenty minutes but found a better place in the end. Ninety minutes later I was feeling ill and changed trains for my last trip. After leaving the unit at 9am, I got home at just after 2pm. Instant sprint for the computer, then shopping trip for supplies. When I came home Internet wasn't working, and hasn't worked until this afternoon - we had a lightning storm, and I still say something got hit with electricity that made shit work.

This morning I had a doctor's appointment re: this issue (the 53-day period). He did the thyroid check which came out clearish, told me to book an ultrasound (next Monday), fasting blood test tomorrow morning, and ten days' worth of pills to stop bleeding (I'm not sure when I'm supposed to start those, but I'll do them tomorrow lunchtimeish in case they interfere with the blood testing).

Also weighed me. 129.2 kg. It's shocking, really, because I was a proper teenager when I couldn't use the bathroom scales because they only went to 125kg. And it's not like I've ever managed to feel anything weight-wise - I'm amazed that people have posted "I need to drop five pounds" or whatever.

I dunno. Not being able to do Internet-type-things when that's why I specifically left the beach was kinda the cherry on a crap cake and the stress was getting to me. I think I freaked out the guy in the chemist because I was nearly crying when getting the prescription filled. And I just kinda wanted a hug for all of today, but nobody's here.

So. Many friend entries to read tonight.
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