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I've been watching the first number of Ninja Storm episodes tonight. And it strikes me:

Blake is a lot stronger in a fight than Hunter.

I don't know if this theory is around fandom or not, but it's just coming across like that so clearly in their introduction & return episodes. Blake takes on all three Wind Rangers to a draw (Thunder Strangers), solid win against Tori & Dustin (Return of Thunder Part 2) and gets the best of Shane one-on-one (Return of Thunder Pt1), while Hunter fairly narrowly defeats Tori & Dustin (Return of Thunder Pt1) and draws against Shane consistently (Return of Thunder Pt2, Boxing Bop-A-Roo). The few times they go against each other and Hunter wins looks pretty down to outside forces (whatever the phlebotinum was in Return of Thunder).

Having said all that, it's v. awesome to think of the Thunder Rangers in that dynamic. Hunter is unquestionably the leader of the two of them, despite Blake's talent. Whether that's down to him being older (is that official? I can't remember) which I buy, or something in their backstory un-elaborated-upon. It's about as spiffy as the Jungle Fury version with Casey being the leader without the experience, and the Wild Force version having Alyssa able to wipe the floor with everyone else.

Anyway. Evil!Hunter gives me fuzzies in my panties.
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