February 18th, 2009

up yours

Rave on Sexy Chucky T.

Oh good googly-moogly Cthulhu I love Chuck Taylor.

Okay, basically - Chuck's had this multi-company rivalry with a guy called Ricochet, right? In Chikara Ricochet lost a match to Chuck which said that the loser could 'never show their face in Chikara again'. And then either the next show or a few after (my timeline's iffy) Chuck gets to choose his own opponent and he chooses a guy making his debut - a guy called Helios. Who has the same body type and hair and moves as Ricochet...but he wears a mask.

Technically not showing his face.

Chuck Taylor is the most awesome shade of indignant. He screams at the referee in the shrillest tones a guy could manage "THAT'S RICOCHET!!11!" (NB: If the 11's were pronounceable, he would have emphasized them here. That is the tremendousity of Chuck Taylor.)

He shrieks at the Director of Fun who's doing commentary - "RICOCHET!!" Leonard F. Chikarason comes back with "...Helios."

He then brings Helios over to the corner and narrates to the cameraman. "Cameraman, look! 'Hi everybody, I'm Ricochet! I got beat by Chuck Taylor and I'm never supposed to show my face in Chikara again!'"

Bryce Remsburg, the ref, comes over. "You okay, Helios?"


Later on in the match..."Ricochet did that counter too! I WONDER WHY?"

Whilst on commentary:-
Mike Quackenbush: I think Chuck Taylor's going to start to think you hate him, Leonard.

Whilst I don't think there's any of this match's particular greatness on YouTube, I have a fav. video of his. He demonstrates (with Joey Ryan, in the green) just what a fabulous bad guy he really is, whilst wearing the dolphin tights I love.

(Edit: Spiffily enough, my 500th post in my personal LJ.)