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[icon] Skullf*cker. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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Time:09:35 pm
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Opinion poll.

Numero uno.




Any ideas on which one I should get?

Besides that you're more interested in my life, aren't you? Oh, you're too kind.

Well. My mum got her hair cut and dyed (again). She looks like talking cauliflower. Or, Samoa Joe in his bleach days. Except her hair is curly.

I'm working tomorrow. Then off to a BBQ at Craig's house. Hopefully Dylan's there. Goddamn my nephew is cute.

Did I mention we had a family BBQ last Sunday, with most on my dad's side rocking up, and I got earrings out of the bargain? Yep. Aunty Judi hadn't given me my birthday present yet, and since I didn't say what it was I wanted she got me some little diamond/gold earrings. Which led to many pointed remarks from Mother about how she'd need to give me another two and a half pairs to be matching. Which will lead me off into a piercing rant about how she's only got two less piercings than me, I can take them out if I have to, and she's still stuck on the notion that I want an eyebrow ring.

Back to family BBQ. I bought Dylan a bear - a pretty big one, it dwarfs him - and he made brief appearances in between feedings. I can't remember him crying at all, even when he was being passed around the rellies. But to fall asleep in his stroller he needs a push, and someone to stare at - that was me for about five minutes until me and Lalita swapped - then he got to stare at his mum for about an hour.

And holy fuck every time I watch Final Battle I get chills.

While I'm on the subject of RoH, I have to give them claps for customer service - the first time I ordered, it took eighteen days. That was all inclusive - me sending the money order and them sending back stuff, and this was around Christmas. Second time it took sixteen days, same situation - though this time I applaud them even more because I didn't use the order form*. Third time, using credit card over the Internet during the busiest time - their March Madness sale where pretty much everyone was trying to get $250 worth - I read some direction wrong and ordered the wrong shirt. Even with that it only took eight days. Punk H Christ on a crutch with Superglue in his head they're tremendous.

*Oh yeah - about a week after I signed up to the RoH messageboard thingy and put in my address, I get a catalogue. Mind you, they needed about $1.70 (American) postage, and this is just to some chick over in Australia. And then about March the next one's sent out. Fucking tremendous.

Oh yes. Tremendous is my new word. Isn't that cool?
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Time:2005-04-03 07:16 am (UTC)
My real opinion that you do not really want: they are so trashy that you would fit right in at Keppera train station or Anarla. They just scream sexually frustrated nerd who is trying to be hardcore, and are not in the slightest bit feminine. You'll look like you could qualify for ABStudy.

But the first is the best. If you are going to get one, please get the first. Please. At least it is not all "hey watch out, I'm so bad that I have flames on my clothes" or whatever.

By the way, I'm going to the Gold Coast with Matt tomorrow, and he reckons he's going to survive all day at an over-priced tourist shit hole with $10. No fucking joke. We'll see how it goes.

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[icon] Skullf*cker. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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