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"Ow! That was my GOOD ear!"

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Are you male or female?
Pick your favorite fairytale of these:
Who do you root for?
Aurora's dress should be...
Do they really live happily ever after?
The beautiful Princess locked in a tower, waiting for her Prince.john_yik
The handsome, sword-wielding Prince, who lusts after the Princess.tangerinee11
The evil witch with an insanely annoying laugh and a dumb animal sidekick.crowdog66
Above mentioned dumb animal sidekick. But cute and furry nonetheless. ^^chainedrurouni
The feminist princess who escapes the tower, slays a dragon, and passionately takes the Prince.loneseabreakers
The comic relief. Enjoys running into trees, getting stomped on by dragons... hey, it's a life.jiasachan
The sexually frustrated King, who secretly lusts after the neighboring kingdom's Princess.crazyitperson
Chance that you will all live happily ever after:
This Fun Quiz created by Rissa at BlogQuiz.Net
Virgo Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

...oh yeah. Happy belated birthdays to American Dragon, Traci Brooks and Alex Shelley, and an early happy b'day to Spanky.

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