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Subject:Fic taste.
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What with GAFF being downish and whatnot, I figured I might as well plonk a sample of my Aries/Roderick fic on tah Intarweb. This is only a section...I still have a bit written but I know where I'm heading. Unlike New In Town...grr.

Working Title: Melee
Warning: Very slight non-con. Slash (as if it'd be anything else).

“Fuck no!”

“What’s wrong with it?”

That was the difference between Roderick Strong and Austin Aries.
Austin was all fiery breath and quick anger. Roderick quietly simmered. Austin’s initial rush of anger was tempered by the cool iron of Roderick’s calm. Roderick’s longer grudges were cut short by Austin’s sudden changes of mood.

The differences were completely nullified when they were angry with each other, however. There was no water to throw on Austin’s proverbial sparks, no change in the wind to alter the direction of Roderick’s slow-moving bushfire.

“There is no benefit to Generation Next!” Austin shouted, gesturing vaguely towards the door as he paced their lockeroom.

“I’m not afraid of a little competition, Austin,” Roderick said calmly, but with a note of steel in his voice.

“So what happens if Matt cracks a couple of vertebrae?” Austin asked, looking down on Roderick as he sat on the bench, currently pulling on a shirt. “Or if AJ breaks your arm? What’ll happen to Generation Next then?”

“Then we’ll deal. Either way, the belts will be on members of Gen Next.”

Austin’s pacing came to a stop. “You really think AJ will stick around if he and Matt win the straps?”

Roderick sighed, massaging his forehead in frustration. “Okay, point. But AJ feels like he owes us for the whole Embassy thing. He’ll stick with Matt. As long as Matt sticks with us, he’ll be Generation Next in all but name. We invoke our rematch clause, we’re flying.”

“That’s not the point, Roderick!”

Roderick rose to his feet, nose to nose with his leader. “Then what the fuck is your point, Austin?”

Austin shoved him to the ground.

“Hey!” Roderick sat up reflexively, about to stand and shove back. He stopped, watching Aries pull his shirt over his head.

“What the…hell?” Roderick muttered as Austin kneeled in front of him. “Austin, what are you doin-!”

Aries kissed him. Hard. Enough to bruise lips, leave them swollen and stinging for hours. Roderick’s lips were already parted from his interrupted question, and Aries took full advantage.

Roderick was dimly aware that Austin’s abrupt pounce had forced him back first on to the concrete floor. He was also aware of a few small grazes on the skin of his back, which were already stinging. The rest of him was concentrated on the feel of Austin pressed against him, and his tongue dominating his own.

Teeth clashed as Austin in one smooth move invaded his mouth and pinned both of Roderick’s hands above his head. Knees locked to either side of Roderick’s hips, and only when Aries felt secure in his position on top did he break the kiss.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Roderick demanded, squirming in Aries’ grip. He bucked once to attempt to get Aries off from just below his waist.

When he encountered something hard, his eyes widened.

“The fuck, Aries?” he shouted.

Austin stared down at him, eyes dark. “Precisely.”

“No…no! Shit! Let me go!” Roderick protested, vainly trying to wrench his wrists away from Aries’ grip. Aries’ position gave him added leverage, and Roderick growled in frustration as Austin barely moved from his struggles.

Aries bent down and kissed him gently on the cheek, leaning down further and whispering in his ear. “What would be the fun in that?” he asked, punctuating the sentence with an exhale of warm breath on his cheek.

“Austin, get off me now,” Roderick ordered in a panic, looking around the locker room in an attempt to find something, anything, to assist in the battle against his newly-insane tag partner. He kicked his free feet, attempting to hit Austin in the back, if only to dislodge him from his kneeling. Aries grunted once as he connected, knee to ass. Roderick groaned mentally as instead of having the desired effect Austin just pressed even closer to him, all hard lines and soft skin against his body.

A long, wet stripe was licked along Roderick’s jawbone as Austin seemed intent on tasting every part of Roderick’s skin.

“Mmm…you smell nice.”

“Austin, get off.”

A low chuckle was muffled against his temple. “You’re right on the money tonight, aren’t you, ‘derick?”

In complete contrast to the slowness of Austin’s tongue, his hand slid down and traced the bulge in Roderick’s jeans. With a single fast movement his hand slid inside his pants and grabbed his cock.

Roderick gasped out loud, reflexively bucking up to meet Austin’s hand.

“So you do like this,” Aries breathed, returning to kiss Roderick thoroughly. His fingers moved knowingly over the head of Roderick’s cock, lightly scraping at the sensitive skin with blunt fingernails. His own position restricted Austin’s movements, the hardness Roderick could feel against his hip rocking against him in time with Austin’s jerks.


“That’s what I want to hear.” Austin propped himself up on one elbow, managing to pull Roderick’s jeans down to just below his hips with one hand. “Why do you wear underwear, baby? You’re hiding that beautiful ass…” Aries went back to work, kissing his eyebrows and eyelids. With an impatient grunt, Roderick’s boxers were shoved down his legs, pinning them together at the thighs so tightly it was almost uncomfortable.


Roderick didn’t know what to think. His own teammate, his best friend…was doing something like this. Touching him, when he’d said no. But he responded…oh God, Austin…his hand…he bit the side of his cheek to stop himself moaning.


For the first time that night, Austin listened.

However, he didn’t go away.

His hand stayed exactly where it was, wrapped securely around him, more than half-hard at Austin’s ministrations.

“If you want to leave, I won’t stop you,” Aries whispered, pressing a kiss to his collarbone.

Roderick exhaled, hoping Austin had finally come to his senses.

Aries watched him calmly, one hand still in Roderick’s pants.

“No matter what you might think, I wasn’t holding you down after I started,” he murmured, tightening his grip for emphasis. His other hand brushed Roderick’s hair softly.

…wait. Other hand. One down his pants, one in his hair…

As realization dawned, Austin smiled. Roderick lowered his hands from above his head slowly, feeling foolish.

“I didn’t need to hold you down after I had you,” Austin whispered.
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Time:2006-03-15 09:51 am (UTC)


Oh my...

I've never read Austin/Roddy, but I think you may have converted me.

Damn. Damn. DAMN!!! That was too hot.

Excellent job.
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Time:2006-03-15 10:20 am (UTC)
Thank you, my first foray into actual sex in a fic.

Plus, you know, too wordy for my own damn good.

...and eventually I do plan to post something in starxedhearts, but I keep forgetting.
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[icon] Fic taste. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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