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[icon] Missile Dropkick. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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Subject:Missile Dropkick.
Time:08:31 pm
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Well, since livejournal stuffed, this may or may not get posted up twice. Good thing this has happened before, and I know to copy long entries. Anyway - back to regularly scheduled program.

Karma is playing a big part in my life now. It's all the simple things - I wrote out Morgan's brief, and got some sheets for her; and then Bridget returned my book.


Impact for the last two weeks completely rocked. Although I kinda wonder if they're ever going to actually have a match, title match especially, that goes the time or nearly time limit and runs over time, so they show the end on the next show. I'd think you'd have a shitload of complaints on tnawrestling.com.

This you don't read. Unless you want to be confused out of your brains. This was just for me to get it out of mine.

Okay, so...Ace Steel on 27 September RAW.

28/30 Smackdown...Nunzio pauses for a second next to ramp (maybe saw Chris Daniels, double look, not there no more)

4 October RAW...CM Punk yelling insults at HHH/Evolution. Mention Batista getting annoyed and glares, Punk not backing down.

5/7 October Smackdown...Paul London slows down next to the ring and shares hug with Spanky (not mentioned by announcers) shares words.

11 October RAW...Samoa Joe gets looong shot, maybe sign? 'Better World Champ Than HHH'.

(flash to 'Net rumors, ie. Samoa Joe being backstage w/ family/friends, Spanky re-signing, Punk being checked out for Velocity squashes)

12/14 October Smackdown...Jimmy Rave ringside (side, straight-on camera), Austin Aries/Alex Shelley behind announcers, Roderick Strong/Jack Evans left side ramp, quick pan of crowd show up Colt Cabana + BJ Whitmer + AJ Styles (not together).

18 October RAW...everyone aforementioned ringside. Literally all ROH guys, no fans ringside on camera. Exchange of words between Y2J and Cabana, HHH and Samoa Joe, Batista and Punk.

19/21 October...a couple splattered through ringside. AJ, Michael Shane, Kazarian, Christopher Daniels (probably not together). Main event Eddie Guerrero/RVD vs Luther Reigns/JBL. Run-ins by Kurt/Jindrak/Orlando. RVD taken out, ringside closest to camera, five-on-one. Eddie looks up, locks eyes with Chris Daniels. Daniels nods, stands. Jack Evans uses chairs/Chris's shoulders to jumps rail, jumps onto apron (Cole/Tazz going nuts, 'fan, a fan has jumped the safety rail to help Eddie Guerrero!'), plancha onto Luther. Barely gets him down, starts getting beat on by Kurt/JBL. Everyone floods. Jumping rails, planchas (Alex Shelley locks in submission to Orlando, Punk locks on Devil Lock as well). Smackdown going off the air as everyone's kinda nuts.

26/28 October...Eddie Guerrero promo. 'I called in a few amigos, homes. See I'm tired of being the little guy you can slap around and p*** on whenever you feel like it [rant in Spanish] ole! So, vato loco, I asked around my old crew. Back in the day, WWE had forsaken me. I was on the indies, doing what I loved, and WWE wouldn't give me the time of day. And I found a promotion that gave me back my love for this sport. The name? Ring of Honor. Honor, what no one here has. Every person in the RoH locker room understands my love for this business, the way I live and breathe, 'cause they live it too.

...now, there's one man back in that locker room that understands this. One man who went through RoH, who has met all these guys, has the same passion, the same drive, and I call on him now.'

Paul London music plays, and he slowly comes out, followed by low-midcarders ie. Shannon Moore, Funaki. Shares look with Eddie, slowly turns to the two, sucker-punch and joins Eddie in the ring.

'WWE hasn't given me anything for all the time I've been here. Velocity, getting beat up by Big Show and Brock Lesnar...and for what? To get screwed over. I had my best friend, Brian Kendrick. I had good money. And WWE screwed us over. What'd we do? Spanky left. Japan, indies...Ring of Honor. I stayed...what was I doing? Getting information. Good info, useful info. And now? WWE. It's now a real invasion.'

Drops mic. RoH crew again jumps barrier, stands behind Eddie. Paul London ducks out of spotlight, bows to Eddie. Samoa Joe joins him in spotlight; Smackdown ends in close-up of Eddie/Joe.

Jesus Christ. I'm glad that's out.
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[icon] Missile Dropkick. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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