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Random TNA / ROH / WWE Stuff
Whose hair is better: Alex Shelley or Chris Sabin?Shelley's. If only for the ROH promo which referenced it.
Most Impressive: AJ or Christopher Daniels?...shit. I don't know. Which ear would you like cut off, your right or your left?
Bring Austin Aries back?Maybe. Or maybe I'm just very ROH-biased and don't want him to have to make any Unscripted-II-esque decisions again.
Would give JOE the worst indigestion: Chris Hero or Triple HHH?HHH. If only because the thought of Joe digesting the H's is hilarious.
Chris Benoit or Kurt Angle?Benoit.
Whose funnier: Norman Smiley or Colt Cabana?Cabana by a long shot. Norman Smiley humps other men. Viscera does that, apparantly.
Best Dresser of all 3 promotions?Christopher Daniels.
Likewise, the WORST dresser?John Cena. If he's still wearing those 'throwback' jersey things.
Best member of Team USA?Captain Sabin.
Bring Jeff Hardy back or fire his ass?Fire his ass. You can spend the money on Stein...Stin...Lug...making Joe happy.
Shelleycam or Triple H's sledgehammer?Shellycam. Shelleycam rules. Almost as much as Shelley's commentary.
HBK or Michael Shane? (aka Matt Bentley)Bentley. Because HBK annoys the shit out of me.
Paul London or Spanky?Oh, ouch. Spanky, if only for him leaving WWE for the indies.
Who do you want for X-Division Champion?Homicide.
Jarrett's guitar or Harris' handcuffs?Handcuffs. Who in their right mind woud say a freakin' throwback from 1998?
Don West vs. Coach: who'd win such a match?The popcorn vendors.
Frankie Kazarian or Michael Shane? (former tag team)Kaz. Scores major points with not cutting his hair.
Austin Aries or Roderick Strong? (current ROH tag team champions)Oh, ouch x 2. I gotta go Aries.
Alex Shelley or Jimmy Rave? (current ROH tag team)Jimmy Rave.
Jay or Mark Briscoe?(current ROH tag team)Mark, because the jealous younger brother rules all.
"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson or Chris Hero?Danielson. Because Hero looks vaguely like a horse.
TNA's smartest acqusition of old school wrestlers (ie. Sting, Christian etc..)As faerie_lissa416 said...Christian's old school?
Likewise, TNA'S DUMBEST acquisition?SteineRoid.
Mike Tenay vs. Jim Ross: BAH GAWD who'd win this one?The popcorn vendors.
Fondest wrestling memory?Too many moments.
I'll never forget...( wrestlers who have passed on)Eddie Guerrero.
Technical Dream Match, pick the winner: Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle vs. Dean MalenkoLike, current? Or at their best? 'cause if right now, Bryan Danielson. At their best...the fans.
Who is the future of each of these promotions?WWE - CM Punk. TNA - Shelley. ROH - Jimmy Rave.
Best or Favorite promotion of these 3?ROH. Quite easily.

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