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[icon] Dusk 'Til Dawn. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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Current Music:Marilyn Manson's 'Disposable Teens'...yeah, I wish.
Subject:Dusk 'Til Dawn.
Time:12:50 pm
Current Mood:cynicalcynical
And yes, I'm at school.

stacey newman is at 98%
stacey newman is found

chimera is a female monster
chimera is curable/ chapter nine from harriet schock's becoming
chimera is a bad citizen and is constantly running a little bit of code to see if any gecko events have arrived
chimera is hurting mozilla development
chimera is now available for download
chimera is a highly extensible
chimera is started from the unix command line
chimera is a vmebus
chimera is a stand
chimera is a browser for mac os x that has a cocoa user interface
chimera is the greek word for she
chimera is curable
chimera is a new web browser project that combines core assets of mozilla
chimera is dedicated to defeat
chimera is comparable in speed to the mach
chimera is since 1986 the ucc geographical
chimera is a scientific
chimera is based on a flexible set of hypermedia concepts
chimera is only available when there is no connection between jimage and the chimera server
chimera is a female mythical beast whose name has come to be associated with an imaginary fear
chimera is a form of ivashu that is found throughout kethira
chimera is already being used by several institutions outside of carnegie mellon
chimera is a real
chimera is are badly flawed
chimera is observed in any other plants
chimera is set in a corner of the crossgen universe yet to be explored
chimera is a monster of mythology
chimera is a monster from ancient greek myth with the head of a lion
chimera is updated
chimera is the atelier of iron god hephaistos
chimera is a server in the physics department of the rome university la sapienza
chimera is a web browser for unix machines running the x window system
chimera is a native cocoa implementation of the mozilla project's gecko rendering engine
chimera is ongeveer in mei 1995 ontstaan
chimera is a w3 browser for unix machines running the x window system
chimera is a world wide web browser for unix
chimera is the premiere designer and manufacturer of quality lighting products for film
chimera is happily located just east of the rocky mountains in beautiful boulder
chimera is that it's got two carnivore heads and one
chimera is the most difficult to draw coz of the combinations of serpent
chimera is 5'3" and weighs 101 pounds
chimera is still beta of course
chimera is as an unusual product of the imagination
chimera is the work of ing
chimera is a different type of science fiction story than previously seen in any existing crossgen comic
chimera is in book vi of the iliad
chimera is the offspring of the hydra
chimera is a native macos x web browser that is based upon cocoazilla
chimera is dark science fiction novel that uses genetic engineering to tell a human rights story
chimera is mainly about rei
chimera is spawned from addiction
chimera is the tasty companion to myth ii
chimera is certain to be an instant hit
chimera is a program which allows a user to access world
chimera is an open hypermedia system deeply integrated with the www
chimera is connected to the following things
chimera is connected to because
chimera is a modular
chimera is the units
chimera is ibrowser
chimera is "a new project aimed at delivering a best
chimera is a bit on the large size for conventional downloading
chimera is a fire breathing creature that has the body of a goat
chimera is a growing carpet of rage
chimera is based at adastral park near ipswich
chimera is one of the first of a new generation of research institutes that combine the best of academic and commercial research
chimera is not only a classical monster and a word for foolish fantasy
chimera is simply a cocoa app wrapper around the mozilla gecko engine
chimera is a new approach to distance casting carp rods
chimera is comparable with a database system
chimera is an open
chimera is one of the primordial monsters in greek mythology
chimera is a really marvelous read
chimera is a novel database model and language which has been designed as a joint conceptual interface of the idea project
chimera is a compact web browser that uses the mozilla engine
chimera is framed for the murder of a full human scientist
chimera is an improvising quartet i put together in 1994
chimera is honored by this award and deeply thanks the ispi for their recognition
chimera is not a man; therefore a chimera
chimera is made up entirely of the silath
chimera is
chimera is still being made
chimera is a
chimera is a fast
chimera is the bottom picture
chimera is not so unlike that of the volcano goddess pele
chimera is composed of an advanced titanium
chimera is a richly textured installation comprising video images projected onto four latex screens
chimera is the literary equivalent of genetic splicing between film noir and science fiction with great results
chimera is written in standard c++
chimera is going to have to choose the power user direction or the web newbie direction
chimera is great
chimera is my shamefully perverse
chimera is a simple graphical www browser with support for inline graphics and forms

...I like the 'chimera is shamefully perverse' one. That suits me.

...and there are no y2jdingo googlisms. Darn.

Will update later with details on the parental talk, wherein they told me if my school marks didn't improve that I'd lose the computer.
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[icon] Dusk 'Til Dawn. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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