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Fic: Concepts of Reality (2/6)

Cam’s computer clicked. And clacked.

Cam lifted his head blearily; blinking away the fuzz that seemed to indicate that his father’s rolling dojo had three legs and some contraption that could pass as a prehensile tail.

He was sure he hadn’t fallen asleep. He’d been too concentrated on coding to be tired; not to mention he’d actually had six hours’ sleep last night. He was one who had survived on six hours’ sleep during a week of university examinations. Six hours in a day was plenty.

“Your Megazord loses 30% of its energy every time your Serpent Sword is used,” a bespectacled young man noted. “In comparison, your Ram Hammer uses only 6%. Your Turtle Mace, 10%.”

“Surely that gets evened out by the extra force behind the Sword,” Cam more stated than asked. He didn’t bother asking the stranger how he’d managed to get into Ninja Ops, nor how he’d managed to steal Cam’s chair without getting Cam to move out of it.

Cam blinked down at his lap, currently seated on the low table behind the computer.

“The hydraulics deployment system of the Serpent Sword could be streamlined. Even so, you would still benefit from a diminished reliance on your Sword and increased usage of your more energy-efficient weaponry.”

“Duly noted.”

Cam pinched his arm, watching the skin contort without feeling it. “It’s fabulous that my subconscious is a very white guy who’d look at home in overalls,” he muttered to himself.

“I am not your subconscious,” the man announced, peering intently at Blake’s stats as the Ninja and Thunder Zords combined. “And yes, I do appreciate a good pair of overalls.”

“If we can move past a fashion faux-pas that even I can identify…if you aren’t my subconscious, who are you?”

“My name is Billy. I was sent here to help you out – since you seemed to be the resident technical genius, I thought I could probably be of assistance in this field.”

Cam gaped. The man swiveled in the chair and smiled at him. “Billy…Cranston? The Power Rangers legend? What are you doing here?” he managed.

“Legend…that’s a new one,” Billy speculated, turning back to the computer. “I was quite content sleeping, but my Wolf spirit kept howling at me. You were taking too long to fall asleep, so I think Wolf knocked you out.” He shrugged, now studying the Minizord specs. “I apologize for him. You’re Green, I suppose?”

“Yeah. Green Samurai.” Cam wiped off his glasses before standing, making his way over to peer over Billy’s shoulder.

“Is Lightning Mode too difficult for the Megazord itself to sustain, or is it to do with the Rangers inside?”

“Kind of both. The structural integrity of the Megazord would be compromised – the Megazord itself could continue for a longer period in Lightning mode, up to ten minutes, but the operators would almost certainly be electrocuted from the sheer amounts of power they would conduct.” Cam shrugged. “The risk has never outweighed the gain.”

“One thing you have to learn is what to tell your teammates – especially a headstrong Red Ranger. You should never tell them that fact.” Billy shook his head, looking more intently at a slow motion combining Megazord. “They have some kind of death wish. You tell them not to do something, they’ll do it. Tell them that something will kill them, they’ll do it. It’s a martyr complex.”

Cam blinked. “You’re telling me to lie to my team?”

“Haven’t you already been doing so?”

“I just never expected a Ranger legend to tell me to do that.”
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