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[icon] Huss Clutch. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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Current Music:Ryan Stiles mishearing "'horror' movie".
Subject:Huss Clutch.
Time:10:27 pm
Current Mood:nostalgicnostalgic

1. You're a handsome devil. What’s your name?

Depends who you talk to. Chimera, y2jdingo, Dingo, Stacey...I have more names than Captain Charisma.

2. Ever write under any other name?

Yep. See above.

3. Look around you. How did you end up here?

I was born. And mother dearest brought me home.

4. Favourite line from the song you're listening to right now, or last listened to?

'Can you hear the sounds of hysteria? The subliminal mindfuck America...Well maybe I'm the faggot America. I'm not a part of a redneck agenda.'
Green Day, American Idiot.

5. What's the last movie you saw that inspired something ficcish in you?

Bourne Supremacy. I wanted to do a whole aftermath fic with Julia Stiles' character and Matt Bourne when he goes to his first home and she ends up seeing him.

6. Is there a character you'd like to write, but can't-- and why the hell can't you?

I didn't used to be able to write Dustin. Like, at all. I think it's because I wasn't exposed to airheads really early on, and it's too late now because every time I get close to the ones at my school I feel like murder. But right now I'm completely fucked up trying to write Greg Sanders.

7. We all hate favourite questions, I know, but-- who's your favourite character (a) to read? (b) to write?

a) I think...Hunter as a pure character. Mostly because he's so complex and there are so many views that are, strictly speaking, correct when writing him. He's so offputting but yet sweet and so sincere but sarcastic and he just seems like the type of person to throw cats out of second storey windows but try to fix a rat's broken leg.

b) Dear Punk. Um. Probably Adam. But this could just be because he's who I've had the most experience writing.

8. Who's your least favourite character (a) to read? (b) to write?

a) Blake. Fanon!Blake is...very off-putting to me. He's either a puppy or an asshat.

b) Shane. I've attempted, but he doesn't like turning out for me. And sometimes Cam can be tricky.

9. Is there a story you'd like to write, but can't-- and why can't you?

Oh dear Punk. I would love to write a Dustin/Blake, but...writer's block sucks. Plus...Blake's very non-approachable in my book. I can't exactly shove Tori away, can I, and I don't want to angst up the fic.

10. What's a title you've always wanted to use, but haven't had the opportunity yet?

Tit;e Misplaced.

11. What was the first story you ever completed, and what do you think of it now?

It's not quite GAFF, but let's just say you'll never find it as an Antidote. A reunion type thing.

12. What was the last story you completed, and what do you think of it now?

Probably that same one. I'm absolutely horrible about finishing stories.

13. Where do you do most of your writing?

On the computer in the spare room. Or alterately at school.

14. Do you have any fic taboos?

That I can't write - PWPs. That I can't read - quite a lot of things.

15. What made you start writing fic? Were you filled with creative juices, or was it a random act of plot correction?

I was given imagery and I set out to describe it as well as I could.

16. Who has influenced your style the most?

Just one? No idea. Tsukino Akume, Weesta, everyone at GAFF, LadyJackal...too many to list.

17. What is the sexiest word?


18. What is the least sexy word?


19. What's the word you use too much/often?

I use names shitloads. Though I barely ever use girls, so pronouns just give much confusion. Probably not a certain word, but sometimes I rant with commas.

20. You're a writer. By definition you are plagued and pursued by images. So what image is burned into your brain right now?

Greg Sanders with a tattoo. I don't even know what or where it is, but it's haunting.

21. If you were going to write professionally under an assumed name, what would that name be?

Hopefully my real name, but if now...Chimera Newman. Just because it'd get wickd cool points in Red Letter.

22. If you'd made out this survey, what question would you have asked that I didn't?

Do you actually hear character voices?

I had a witty quote to go here, but oh well.
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[icon] Huss Clutch. - Tired of bullshit dressed in gold.
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