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Continuing the pairing meme - ones that I suspected to be tricky were easy, and the easy ones haven't been guessed yet. Or were guessed differently to what I had originally thought. Original clue first in italics, additional clue afterwards.

2) Enemies, then respect, then a towel, then tag titles. A pair of Fallen X-Division stars.

4) Dorky Star Wars/Trek nerd meets dorky Marilyn Manson Norwegian nerd. Very minor character with a Fannysmackin' means a lot of people might need a Visual to put it together. Archie/Greg, of CSI, guessed by angel_negra.

5) The Generation who stayed together to win tag titles. Then, of course, they lost them to the Briscoes, but there's always Next time.

14) “You have crappy hair. But good coffee. You may live.” “…that was touching. Especially coming from you.” An ass-kisser of a technician and a tech-turned CSI. Hodges/Greg, of CSI, guessed by angel_negra.

22) “I follow the wind.” “I teach kindergarteners.” A pair that almost goes against canon, a Lone Wolf searches for redemption found in a Tiger. Merrick/Alyssa, Power Rangers Wild Force, cmar_wingnut, angel_negra.

27) Okay, so, it’s mainly one episode, but my God, the angst of moving from another country vs. losing your parents! The two quotes of the season - "Leelee's mom is hot!" and
"I call on the power of good magic!"
Xander/Nick, Power Rangers Mystic Force, guessed by angel_negra.

29) “I’m broody.” “I’m airheaded.” “Want to boink?” Starring in New In Town, and Looming Thunder (only one of them is an actual canon-embracing episode). Hunter/Dustin, guessed by cmar_wingnut, angel_negra.

And, a final clue, Power Rangers, CSI and indy wrestling feature to some degree.
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