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More woes and fic.

After hitting a brick wall in writing both NiT and Concepts of Reality, I tried to write a companion to Interlude. It's only kinda working. I now have a bunny which shall haunt me until late tomorrow afternoon (my first free time after sleep, work, Dylan's birthday party) as I am drop-dead tired at the moment. Shall be going to bed and watching Samurai's Journey in a few minutes. But first...

The very beginning of Intermission.

Hunter had the most annoying habit of staring at him.

He’d only noticed it, oh, the second time Hunter did it. The second day he was on speaking terms with the Rangers. Since then he’d sensed Hunter staring at him at least once a day. Which added up to literally hundreds of times.

After Hunter and Dustin ‘came out’, so to speak (they hadn’t really, not in the traditional sense; the day they’d been found necking in the Zord bay by his cyber replicant couldn’t really count), it had made even less sense. He expected it to stop. It didn’t. If anything, it got more frequent.

And I just realised that my new glasses (yes, the $500+ ones) look like Cam's.

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