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I never update this thing with personal garbage, so here goes.

For the last three-and-a-bit years I've been working at Coles. The Australian Walmart if you will. After ending high school my parents made me a deal - I'd be able to take the next year off school if I went back to Uni in '08 and/or tried to find a job as a secretary or the accounting equivalent of a traineeship.

So the last week they've decided to jump on my ass about this. So I sent my resume to two places, both office junior positions. Which I think means making coffee and generally being the office bitch. My mum puts them in the mail 3:00 Tuesday afternoon.

Nine o'clock Wednesday morning: reply from Place A. I have a job interview at 10:30 Thursday morning.

Three fifteen Wednesday afternoon: I head to work.

Eight forty-five Wednesday evening: I get home from work, go pee, and am told that the second mob called and wanted an interview at 10:30 tomorrow. After hearing I already had an interview, the dude offered a 7:30 interview. After hearing the Mum-translated version of "THERE'S A 7:30 IN THE MORNING NOW?" the dude said to drop in any time.

9:00 Wednesday evening: I finally sit down and have dinner.

9:19 Wednesday evening: think 'holy shit. I sent off two resumes and got two interviews out of it. Australia has some damn fine employment shit going on.'
Tags: real life, stress
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