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So every time I decide I'm going to actually update this thing with anything resembling actual journal entries I just...don't feel like it. And I'll tie this in with the one-previous post about angel_negra by just listing reasons.

1) She likes Power Rangers. And is above two and a half years old (not a slight, that's just how old the only other person I can talk to about Power Rangers is).

2) Hugs. Can never have too many hugs.

3) She got me onto Wes/Eric. When I had it fixed in my head that I will never like Time Force, no I won't, maybe I can tolerate it, goddamn why won't it leave me alone, holy crap I have TF plotbunnies.

3.5) And into Lightspeed Rescue. Which previously I thought was the campiest PR season ever (with the possible exception of Wild Force).

4) She writes the most awesome stuff. Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Dimension is gold.

5) Every single time I discover a new fandom, she's written for it. NCIS is the main point of this: was slowly making my way through a DiNozzo/McGee and thought "hmm, that's interesting. The penname's Angel common could that name possibly be?"

6) Back to Action. My point is settled.

ETA. 7) Icons. :: points ::
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