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Title: (Currently nameless. If you come up with anything, please give ideas!)
Author: Me.
(Oh dear - this is rapidly becoming a series. My head keeps running through a Tyzonn/Ronny chapter, then at least two more after that.)

After spending the entire day following (and copying) Will, Tyzonn had a question. Actually he had two questions, but only one was important.

“Why am I doing this to strange people on the street?”

Will glanced back from his view of three young women, all of whom were currently whispering and giggling interspersed with coy glances at them. Not at them, at Will, Tyzonn admitted to himself, watching almost in curiosity as the girls pouted at the interruption in Will’s attention.

“Because you don’t know anyone, meaning that to you everyone’s a strange person?” Will answered rhetorically.

“But I do know people,” Tyzonn frowned. “I know Ronny and Rose, and Spencer and Mr Hartford.”

“But none of those people are women.”

Tyzonn frowned again. “I might be mistaken – I often seem to be on this planet – but aren’t Rose and Ronny girls?”

Will fully turned around, ignorant of the frowns from the fawning women below. “Yeah, man, but there’s a difference between women and girls.”

He stressed the words like Tyzonn should have known what he was talking about.

Instead he just got a perfectly blank-faced Mercurian.

Will sighed. “Okay. Women are…” He gestured vaguely behind him. “…they’re pretty, and dress nice, and smell really good.”

“I thought Earthlings had only passable smelling ability?” Tyzonn interjected.

Will gave him a dirty look. “Girls…well, they’re not women yet. Like Rose and Ronny. Either of them could kick your ass, but they’re not who you’d want to cuddle with or…” He trailed off. When Tyzonn looked at him, he raised an eyebrow. “Get close to. If you get my drift.”

“What drift?” Tyzonn asked.

Will just shook his head. “Ask Rose about figures of speech when we get back to the mansion.”

Will turned back to the girls…women behind him, but snorted when he noticed they had lost interest and walked off. “You ruined my appreciation time, man.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Ah well, more where they came from. Let’s get back, man, it’s getting late.”

They walked in silence toward the Hartford mansion.

At least until Tyzonn decided to ask his second question.

“You only…is it ‘hit on’?” he asked. Will nodded. “You only hit on girls…women,” he corrected himself.

“No girls for me, Ty. Just the beautiful ladies.”

Tyzonn frowned. “Is there something wrong with the men of this world?”

Will gave him a strange look, one Tyzonn couldn’t identify. He felt the need to further clarify.

“Why don’t you ‘hit on’ the men?”

Will blinked. “Because I’m straight.”

Tyzonn blinked back. He gave Will’s body a sweeping glance. “I would only somewhat agree with that; you are mostly straight though like most humanoids there are bends in your body-”

“No, Ty, straight. Like, not gay.”

Will was fairly sure that he was speaking English; by the look of Tyzonn’s face he could have easily been speaking Swahili.

“What is ‘gay’?”

“When a guy likes other guys. In that way.”

“I see. This is…not approved of, on your planet?”

The Black Ranger was scratching his head. How exactly did he get put in this position? “It’s not…disapproved of, I suppose. It’s not…the normal kind of relationship.”

Tyzonn suddenly straightened. “So normal is what you are. Male liking female.”

“Yes. I mean no. It’s not normal. I mean, it is, but…okay. Chicks and dudes together is the usual. It’s a lot more common than two guys, or even…two girls.” Will felt a smile creep on to his face at the idea, but quickly banished it for fear that Tyzonn would notice it and make him go even further into this topic, which he still had no idea how they got into in the first place.

“Ah.” They walked a few more steps in silence. “Will?”

“Yeah, Ty?”

“…would your tips work the same with guys as they do with women?”

“I’m…not entirely sure.”

“Well. You’re a guy. Would you fall for you?”

Will hesitated. This had to be one of those both-answers-get-you-in-trouble questions, like ‘Do you think I’ll look like my mother when I grow old?’. “I’m not sure,” he said carefully.

Tyzonn seemed to accept that.

They were within sight of the Rangers’ base of operations when Tyzonn next spoke.

“What would work on Mack?” he asked casually.

Will almost choked.

Tyzonn looked at him in concern “Are you alright, Will?”

“I'm not sure what would work on Mack,” Will managed to get out, a few words ending up strangled by the sheer amount of disbelief that he had that they were actually discussing this subject.

Tyzonn frowned. The simple expression seemed to be what Tyzonn had deemed his ‘confusion face’. “If I am upsetting you, then I am sorry.”

“You’re not upsetting me.” Ty just gave him a disturbingly Earthling look – the bullshit-detector look. Will decided to rephrase. “I’m not upset, it’s just…not something you generally ask other guys.”

“Ah.” Tyzonn nodded in understanding. “Then I shall ask the girls.”


“We shall not speak of this subject anymore. It makes you uncomfortable and upset, so I shall ask Ronny or Rose.”

When they finally reached the mansion, Tyzonn asked Spencer where Ronny was, and Will hid.

He didn’t want to be easily accessible when Tyzonn was finished with the Yellow Ranger.
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