Chimera (y2jdingo) wrote,

It's hard to imagine actually rather easy to imagine that I haven't done any kind of fandom thing since the last post of Amelioration.

But after reading a fic on it's kinda gotten me thinking...

The majority of team-up fics are generally one team eg. SPD going to help another team eg. Dino Thunder, right? Or they're every single Ranger packed in together until you can't get a grip on any storyline for any one character and have to go Ctrl+F to see your favourite character even mentioned.

I want to do a team-up in the vein of Once A Ranger. Completely random Rangers chosen (at random). On par with pulling names out of a hat.

Since I can't be bothered cutting up sixty-seventy plus names, here's the deal.

Any person who comments here with their favourite Ranger gets them in. If that Ranger is part of your OTP, name your second and they'll be put in for a cameo(s).

If the numbers don't add up I'll end up choosing names from a hat anyway.
Tags: fandom, fanfiction, those goddamn plotbunnies, writing
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