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“It’s all Trent’s fault,” Conner decrees later.

Kira wrinkles her nose. “I was actually thinking it was your fault.”

“It’s Conner’s fault,” Ethan agrees lazily. “You kissed him first.”

Conner would have spluttered had it not been such a non-cool thing to do. “Yeah, well, but he was…it’s still Trent’s fault.”

Trent, content up until that point, raises his hand just into eyelevel of everyone situated on his bed. “I, for one, am happy to take the blame for this.”


The strangest thing about the whole deal was that Bridge wasn’t even acting as ‘leader’. No. Adam was. Which he was fine with, given that he was the oldest and most experienced (probably most experienced of all Rangers but Tommy, to tell the truth) but it was still a weird position to be in. He’d never been in charge for any significant period of time before, not even in an unofficial capacity like this one.

Which is why when Tori and Kira attempted to murder Xander, he felt he had to be the one to intervene.

It ended badly. Xander lost three-quarters of a shirt. Adam just lost a pocket. Bridge, who had been smart enough to stay out of the entire mess, had gained half a shirt. And the Hartford’s dining room chandelier had gained a sleeve and a pocket and was jealously guarding them against anyone who attempted retrieval.

While it wasn’t the first time two of his teammates had tried to kill another (one specific time that sprang to mind involved Tanya and Rocky, six cans of spray paint and Tommy’s new haircut) it was the first time that he had actually feared his team not knowing each other’s limits. None of them had met before, with only the exception of the girls. And they were bonding together seemingly more for necessity than actually genuinely knowing each other.

So Adam decided something had to be done.
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